Educational Seminars on Records & Information Management:

The importance of educational programs to provide guidance on Records and Information Management (RIM) subjects is growing as organizations evolve into new business areas and new technologies impact methods used for creating and managing records. Everyone that creates or manages records knows changing business models, electronic mail, the Internet, and the universal use of desktop computers have forever changed the traditions influencing records storage and retrieval. To keep up with current business practices regarding the management of both paper and electronic records, everyone requires occasional educational seminars that will be enlightening about best practices, while offering solutions to information management challenges that fit within today’s complex priorities. John Phillips, of Information Technology Decisions, offers such seminars.

Typical one or two day seminars include:

¯  Computer and IT Skills for Records Managers

¯  Advanced Records Management Programs - Practices and Standards

¯  Managing Electronic Records – Technologies and Principles

¯  Recordkeeping Software Systems - Selecting and Implementing

¯  Electronic Document Management - Systems and Technologies

Some of What You Will Learn:

1) The computer systems IT skills and knowledge are required for e-records inventories.
2) How advancing technologies impact the creation of paper and electronic records.
3) Why certain organizational changes are critical for enterprise level RIM projects.
4) How technologies like e-mail, personal computers, and the Internet impact records.
5) Industry standards and best practices that impact the preservation of digital records.
6) Differing software systems required for file, box, digital image, e-docs, and e-records.
7) Accepted project planning approaches for selecting and implementing systems.
8) Examples of working with IT personnel in establishing RIM Programs.
9) Records retention decisions and how they affect business risk and litigation exposure.
10) Hot topics and future trends affecting recordkeeping programs and professions.

Typical individuals who will attend a seminar include: Records Managers, Information Technology Personnel, Electronic Document Systems Managers, Procurement Officers, Legal Counsel, and Executive Management.



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